Poole News - Motorhome destroyed in blaze


A motorhome, parked in the Baiter Car Park, was destroyed by a fire today (Sun 8 Apr 07).

The fire which started shortly after 3PM, was tackled by two fire appliances, but was hampered by the gas and fuel tanks of the motorhome. A large crowd gathered to watch the efforts of the Dorset Fire & rescue crews as they sought to control the blaze. A second motorhome which was parked adjacent to the blazing vehicle suffered some damage from the heat of the blaze.

Fire crews tackled the blaze using breathing apparatus to ascertain if anyone was trapped inside the blazing vehicle.

Motorhome on fire - ball of flame explodes from vehicle

As the fire crews fought the blaze, there was the sounds of explosions as tyres burst, and the occasional ball of flame shot skyward.

Motorhome on fire


Motorhome on fire - the aftermath