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This is the area where we display any information given to us by people researching their family history. Please feel free to add to this collection by registering your details with us. Also please contact any of our contributors if you feel you may be able to help them.


Padley, John
Looking for info on John Padley (Birth Record would be great). Immigrated to Newfoundland in 1840's (Sent to NF by Merchants of Dorset?) Married Hannah Collins (age 17) of Flat Islands, Newfoundland May 8,1846.[ Todd Paddle ]

I'm trying to find out more about the Page family, living in New Town, Longfleet, Poole in the first decades of the nineteenth century.  I've found the 1841 census details but am trying to work back from there.  Does anyone know any more about Thomas or Ann Page, b. c 1800?  [ Gill Page]

I am looking for the ancestors/siblings of Mary Anne Blake Palmer and William Palmer (father). Both lived at 46 Grays Yard, Poole around 1870.[ Anne Catherwood ]

Seeking descendants of Elizabeth J B Palmer, Mary Ann B Palmer, Emma B Palmer, and William Palmer all born and living at 46 Grays Yard, Poole from 1859-1878 children of William Palmer [ Marion Matthews ]

Seeking info about the Parham family in Compton Abbas 18-19th century. [ Sue Stead ]

Parmiter, Stanilaus George
I'm interested in Stanilaus George Parmiter, b. 1844 Lulworth, Dorset, who married at Poole Sept., 1866 to Ann C ??? Can anyone help me???   Many thanks.[ Marion ]

William Parrott c. 1820 - master mariner and Martha Parrott 1825.  Martha and children appear in 1851 census living at Waterloo Bdgs S. James Parish, South East Ward.  Would you be able to find any information on ship of William Parrott?  By 1861 census he was listed as deceased.  Any information on this family would be appreciated. . [ B. Maguire ]

My folks migrated here from New England and Newfoundland.In trying to trace my families I keep running in to the fact that they were sent by Poole merchants, to develop Newfoundland and sent back Cod Fish, Timber and Minerals. Thats it 1702 thru 1789 Harveys & Strong and Morgan ,and Parsons families. Any help would be appreciated.

Looking for information on Parsons in the Poole district. I have only 1 name, Evelyn Myrtle Parsons born in 1905. She is my grandmother and that is the only details that I can get on her so far. [ C Meerten ]

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Any info on Ian ,Omar, Moira,or Finlay Paterson and their families [ Anita Skomac ]

I am looking for the ancestors/siblings of Elizabeth Paul, wife of William Palmer. She lived at 46 Grays Yard around 1870. [ Anne Catherwood ]

Seeking descendants of Mary Elizabeth/Elizabeth Mary Paul wife of William Palmer living at 46 Grays Yard Poole Dorset from 1859-1878
[ Marion Matthews ]

Are there anymore Pay's living in the area and who are related to Harry Paye the smuggler ?

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Looking for information on Pearce, any info please. [ Emma Pearce ]

I am interested in the Pearce family of Josiah and Emma Clapp Pearce. Any info?They were in Pa, NY La. and Ohio. Roller coasters and movie theaters were the family businesses. [ Mary ]

Arthur Pearcy married Susan Louisa Ball in Poole in 1896. Does anyone know ifthey had any Children?[George Toms]

Would like any information on this name for family tree. [ Anne-Marie Cooper ]

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Does anyone have any information regarding Maud Catherine Peareth-Plunkett. She married Thomas Albert Vincent on 3rd Oct 1903. [ Michael Peareth ]

The Pellys were once a large Poole family, especially on The Shambles by the Quay, where there was a Pelly Lane. They had connections to Newfoundland. I am interested in contact with any other Pelly descendants. [ Michael Stead ]

Pendy, Ellen
Any information on Ellen Pendy of LIVERPOOL who was married to CHARLES OBRIEN. ELLEN died in the early 1904/06 The last known address of ELLEN and CHARLES was LIMEKILN LANE, LIVERPOOL 1 . [ Elsie Cook ]

Pennington, Faye
Is there an organization in Poole that can help me find an old friend? She used to go by the of Faye Pennington and her family owned Pennington Farms (Horse ranch). By the this time I am sure she is married and has a family. I would like to get in touch with her or any of her family. Thank you . [ Daniel J. Reyes ]

Percy, Albert
Information on PERCY, Albert and SERJENT, Millicent - lived at  Danesfield,  115 Ashley Road, Upper Parkestone, Dorset.

The electoral roll for spring, 1924 shows :
Williams, Thomas and Mary Elizabeth
Serjeant, Millicent
Percy, Albert Charles
for Autumn 1924 and Spring 1925 - electoral roll shows
Serjeant, Millicent and Percy, Albert Charles as occupants of 115 Ashley Road, Poole, Dorset .

Thank you.[ Maddy m ]

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Perham, John Samuel
We have traced our family surname as coming from Dorset to Newfoundland ... any info please. [ John H Perham ]

Peterson, John
John Peterson married Martha Ballam (b1801 Lychett Dorset) St James Church Poole 06Feb1826. Children Selina christened 20Jun1830 & Emily b1833. Mother and 2 daughters lived at Grove Place, St James, Poole ref 1841 census. Emily married Charles Arney at Wimborne 13Jul1851. No further info found on Selina or John Peterson. [ David Scammell ]

I am looking for anyone that is working the "Pettypool" that came from England to America. [ Michael George Poole ]

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Phillips, Christopher
Seeking my step-brother, Chris, his wife Joan or maybe their daughters, Catherine or Joanna. Last known address Parkstone, Poole.believed to have left the UK,and gone to the Greek Islands. Urgent contact required. Entry posted 09/03/2004. [ Debbie Wood ]

Looking for family and relatives of the Budleigh Salterton Pidgeon family. [ Pidgeon ]

Looking for details on the family name PIERCEY. [ P Downton ]

Any info. on Pikes from Pimperne b 1700/1800 or Blandford area. [ Lynne Ballard ]

My name is Hinchliffe, but recently discovered that my fathers father was named Reg Pike and was the publican of the Queen Charlotte in Poole in the 1950's. Anyone out there know anything??? [ Jaye Hinchliffe ]

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Vivian Ethel Frances Pipher living in Salisbury area 1947. Any info at all on Piphers from that area or now living in Dorset. [ Lynne Ballard ]

Polten, John
John Polten born 1813 Poole, parents being William Polden and Jane Warland. John married Fanny Lawden (nee Clarke) born Longfleet. This may also have been John Polten's second marriage. Due to birth if first child, John before the the marriage to Fanny and Fanny having three children already with the name of Lawden.
Have found them on all Census records and would like to track the children. Daniel, their son, born in Poole c1857, being my great, great grandfather. He moved into Kent where he was in the Police force briefly, stationed in Tonbridge.
His brother Thomas was a railway policeman and another brother William was a prison warden before becoming a policeman in Kent.
Sister, Maria Polten married into the Sellers family from Hamworthy and Sturminster Marshall. I have just been to Poole and tried to locate King Street where the Polden/Polten's lived for thirty years, although they moved around the street.  I cannot find this location today.
Can anyone help my quest please? [ Susan ]

Pool (e), Robert S
Looking for info on Pool(e)'s from Oklahoma. [ Julie Pool ]

Pool (e)
Researching the Pool family that lived in Mass, moved to Clymer, Chautauqua County NY USA by the 1840s (Joseph Pool). John P. Pool (born in MA) and his son, Ira Pool (born in Clymer)then moved to Wisconsin, Iowa, and finally, Minneapolis Minnesota. Both died in Minneapolis (John P. in 1890 and. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated. [ Chris Anglim ]

Pool , Poole, Pooles, Prettypool
As I understand it from family records and myths: The Pooles and Pools are directly descended from the Pettypool family of France circ. 12 century. The Pettypool families were part of the hugenot movement from France because of their Protestant beliefs. When arriving in Wales they settled and the family name changed to Pettipool. Later the name fractured to pool and poole. The early 1600s saw many pools and pooles journey to the Carolinas with royal land grants and later some to serve as indentured contracts. The my ancestors moved into the Louisiana Territory around 1750s and intermingled with Spanish and Choctaw Indians. My Great x3 Grandfather was Leonard Poole who married Marium Parker of the Biloxi Choctaw tribe. [ Thomas R. Poole Jr ]

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Pool , Edward
Searching for ancestors of Edward Pool. He was born in the US in 1720 and died at Rowan County, North Carolina between 1790-1800. I am located in New Zealand. Many thanks. [ G.E. Poole ]

Pool Fred K. (Boston)
I have recently came across a ships barometer with the name Fred K. Pool (boston) stamped in the brass, I am having a hard time trying to find out how old this man was and I would like to know what ship he sailed on. Any info would be appreciated, Thank You [ Daniel Hogmire ]

Pool, Henry
Information on Henry Pool born in England in 1759. Married Susan Ratlett and moved to America. Rev War Soldier, died and buried in Warren County, Georgia USA January 25, 1852 in Warren County, Georgia USA. [ James E. Poole ]

Info on Poole:- George b:1834 Eng. Ruben b:Abt1805-1815.Eng. Father & Son both Commander's in Royal Navy. Georges Spouse: Mary Hannington b:1849 m: 1866 in Hurstpierpoint Sussex,Eng.Esther b:1833 Eng. Eliza b:1899 Eng. [ Frank Rozee ]

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Information about Poole or Gray family in England if I am related in any way [ Karen Poole ]


My husbands family: Robert Bloom and Alma Luck Poole ; JC (John Calvin) and Addie Robbins Poole ; Ezra Taylor l850-l933 and wife, Nancy Hoover ; Zebidee Pool l820- ? maried Cynthia Langley. We know his father and grandfather definiely were from theAshboro, NC. area.There is even a Pooletown near Ashboro. His G.and GG grandfathers not sure of locale. We have heard a story of 3 brothers who came from England, I think into Va. but not sure of that either. Any connection would be much appreciated. [ Brenda Poole ]


I am looking for information of any Pool(e)s who ended up in Ohio, especially Fred(erick) Poole, born 1887, allegedly in Ohio, and died 1963 in Ohio.  I think his local history may have started in Ohio, but I think he or his parents migrated there any where from 1970-1980's.  He is my grandfather.  I know that he had Native American in him, and that some of the Pool(e)s our family allegedly, came from the port of Poole in England.  In fact my mother said there was a strong connection between our family name and the port.  My mother was raised in an orphanage and is now longer with us, and was not very open about family history.  I have also been told I had a relative in England, apparently knighted, Frederick Poole.  I was also told I had a great aunt named Augusta, who wrote, but can find nothing to support that.  Fred Moved to Indiana, and had children with Jessie Mary Reinschmidt.  Any help you can provide would be appreciated. [ J Deborah Coss]


Any info on Pooles' who came to South Carolina on Crown Grants, more specifically the Orangeburg district [ Ben Poole ]

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I am desperately trying to find my Grandfather parents. My Grandfather,(bn 1903 Eaton, Leicestershire), George Poole, was eldest son of George POOLE and Emma HUBBARD. He had a brother Richard and a sister Mary. I have hit a brick wall trying to find these two. Any help gratefully recieved. [ Shell ]

Just starting & need help, apparently my gggg grandparents were Lord and Lady Poole of Poole Manor in Poole Dorset.The family moved to Newfoundland Canada in the 1800's. [ Wilhelmina Poole ]

Looking for any connection to George Henry Poole born 1866 died 20.6.1947 and wife Lucy Hannah Poole born 1865 died 17.7.1928. [ Ricky Poole ]

Poole, Albert Junior
Any information on the family tree would be greatly appreciated ! [ Ronald Albert Poole ]

Poole, Edward T
I would like to find out how long ago my family came to Canada from England. I would also like to know how my famliy was associated. More or less if they were Lord and Ladies, or not good enough for the wealthy. [ Kristian ]

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Poole, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Poole, b. 1751 in Poole, England. Surfaces in Pennsylvania Colony in 1765 when married Peter Stillwagon in the German Lutheran Church of Philadelphia. I have no parents names or information beyond that. Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated ! [Beth Magie ]

Poole, George.W
Looking for info on my grandfather George Washington Poole. Not sure where he is from he was born Dec 20 1885 and died Feb 2 1948. He died in al i no my father was born in Silas Alabama, his name was Joe D Poole. Can any one help ? ... UPDATE : George was born Dec 20 1885 died Feb 2 1948, married Elsie Odom born Oct 10 died Dec 26 1957 they were married Nov 7 1909 in Bigbee Al burial both in Advent Cemetery Choctaw County Al trying to fine out who George's father was I think George was born in Frankville Al. UPDATE : His father was Alfred Poole, burial Frankville Al .[ Linda James ]

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Poole, Gladstone
Request information on family history especially the jamaican link. My grandfathers name was Wilfred Poole, his brothers name is Harold Poole [ Gladstone Poole ]

Poole, Harry
I am Harry R. Poole III. My father was Harry Richardson Poole, Jr. and my grandfather was Harry Poole (don't know his middle name). I believe my grandfather was born in Williamsport, Maryland. Have anything on the anscestors of these folks? Thanks. [ Harry Poole ]

Poole, Henry .O.
Henry O. Poole is my grandfather on my mothers side. Any contacts ? [ Dan Culbertson ]

Poole, Jack Irvin / Irving
Who,What,Where,When,Why,How ????????? [ John Earl Poole Sr ]

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Poole, Jake Weldon
Just looking up my family history around the state of Texas and Lousiana [ Timothy James Poole ]

Poole, James Arthur
I am looking for my dad James Arthur Poole. He lived in San Jose, California for some time. He is originally from Texas. I don't know what part of Texas. [ Jabraun Poole ]

Poole, John
Have no idea about the POOLE clan that came from England, and went to the U.S.A, (Specifically the state of Maryland), where John POOLE, was born in 1770, it is believed his parents came from England. I don't have parents names, or where in England. Any information will be appreciated. [ Velma Jean Poole ]

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Poole, John
John Poole, born 13th of April 1940, in the Putney area to Mother Margaret Emily Poole. [ White ]

Poole, Thomas Jefferson
Any information on the family tree would be greatly appreciated ! [ Ronald Albert Poole ]

Poole, William
I am interested in a family named Poole circa 1700-1750. A a captain named Poole made a trip to America during that time with one of his sons. He liked it so much that he decided to bring his whole family back. He left the son in Virginia with friends and returned to Poole to get his family, but they never returned to Virginia. I don't know if the Captain never made it back to England or if he did, but the family perished on the return voyage. The son, William Poole, was my 6 great-grandfather and the above story has been passed down through the family all these years. I would really like to find out if there is any documentation on a Poole family and any ships that sailed at that time, or anything else to do with the Poole family. [ Peggy Oberg ]

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Poole, William Warner
Hello ! I am trying to build a family tree but haven't much info to start with and don't really know how . if someone can point me in the right direction i would appreciate it . My granpa's name was William Warner Poole and his wifes name was Anna Matilda Poole . Please help me get this started, thanks Chuck Poole,son of Bernhardt Warner Poole Sr. [ Chuck Poole]

Poole, William
I am looking for William Poole born approx 1813 in Dorset, married Sarah Bainger . came to south australia approx 1844. [ Judy ]

Porter, John
Need information on ancestor John Porter of Dorset. Born 1596. Wife Mary. Sailed to United States in March 1635 from Weymouth. Settled in Hingham (Salem) Massachusetts. Died there in 1676. Believed to have brother Richard also settled in Massachusetts about 1635. Would like to establish contact in UK and travel to Dorset within next year. Thank you very much...looking forward to hearing from someone. [ Martin Ells Porter ]

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I am trying to find information on my ancestors John and Mary Pretty. Their children were baptised in your church, and at least two of them were married there. Their son Edward James Pretty, christened 2/5/1814, married Elizabeth Hardy 27 Jan 1835; and their daughter Anne Taylor Pretty, baptised about 1810, married Josiah Wesley Walker in 1831. John and Mary Pretty also had William 1807, Martha 1811, Benjamin 1816, Mary Jane 1819, and Joseph 1820. Josiah and Anne later emigrated to Australia, and were my great great grandparents. I'm not sure of Mary's maiden name, but it may have been something like Harkett or Hartnett. I don't think either John or Mary were born or married in Poole, but they probably died there, and may even be buried in your churchyard. Can anybody help me please? [ Kathy Pearson ]

Edward James Pretty
My husband's g/g/grandfather is Edward James PRETTY, s/o John & Mary Pretty. He is described on his daughter's marriage certificate as; 'a collector of customs' at Poole. He married Elizabeth HARDY in St. James Church, Poole. I would be very grateful for whatever information that you could supply on his parents, other siblings & the occupation of 'collector of customs'. Thank you. [ Julie Geddes ]

Looking for pettypool that was changed to poole, Know ancestors were married in London in 1629. [ Michael George Poole ]

My grandmother was Agnes Primeau. Any info available? [ Brenda Hamilton ]

Any information on the family name PROUT ? [ Abigail ]


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