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This is the area where we display any information given to us by people researching their family history. Please feel free to add to this collection by registering your details with us. Also please contact any of our contributors if you feel you may be able to help them.


McCorkendale, Dennis
Lived in Poole since WW2 and married a nurse and worked for RNLI in their HQ in Poole now retired [ Arthur Maultsaid ]

My Grandfather's Name is William Oliver Maber,we are an Irish based family with no Family Name history available to us as we are the only Maber in all of Ireland, I'm trying to retrace our name,if anyone has information related to us in the Gosport,Southhampton region as this is the only link I have to where my Family comes from. ( Aoife Maber )

Maber, Nelly
Looking for links to Nelly Maber. She was a schoolteacher and married a bootmaker called Archibald Thomas. They had at least 4 children of which one is my grandfather ( Claire Thomas )

Maber, William Henry
Born about 1836 in Poole. Married November 14, 1858 to Louisa Edwards. Father was William Maber. Children were William Henry Maber, born February 9, 1862 and James Maber, born about 1863. I am looking for further information/links to Maber clan. ( George A. Duncan )

WILLIAM MAIDMENT b 1806 at Tarrant Rushton. Married ANN STICKLAND at Tarrant in 1839. Seeking decendants of this large family.( Tracy Dunne )

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I am looking for any information on the Maidment family, that seemed to have centred on the Woodlands/Holt/ Gaunts Common area of Dorset .( John F. Badcock )

I am looking for any information on the Maidment family.( Tracy Maidment )

If anyone knows any information about the Maidment family from the Woodlands area, I would be most grateful. ( Emily Wood)

Maidment - G & GF Maidment (Parkstone) Ltd
Looking for any information on G & G F Maidment (Parkstone) Ltd and photos of the company who used to be in Cranbrook Road Parkstone in the 1940s and 1950s.( Pauline Smith)

Looking for the marriage of Peter Major to a Susanna, probably in St James, Poole around 1790 to 1800.  They had a son George Major born in St James in 1805 (became a Cooper).  Any info on the Major's of Poole greatly appreciated.( Kirsten Rawlings)

Man, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Man b: 15 Feb 1662 in Poole England. Married to John Needels .( Russ Needels )

Information on the name Manns please. [ Linda Adams ]

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I am researching the name Marsh but my great grandmother Jessie Maria Marsh married a Charles Cooper in 1896 who had 8-9 children. I am interested in any descendants of these COOPER children . [ Jan Marsh ]

Marsh, Thomas
Looking for more info on Thomas Marsh a Railway Porter b. in Wareham abt.1836; and his son also Thomas Marsh a brushmaker from Poole, b. 26 Oct 1858 in Wareham, married to Alice Cobb b. 1861 Poole. [ Lynne Ballard ]

Ancestry in the South of England etc . [ Lara Terry ]

Any historic information available of name MARTIN in Dorset or Hampshire.

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Looking for information on Mason. [ Natalie Lee ]

I am trying to research my family tree but i am not having much of a sucess. Please could you help me if you have any information of the Masters family. [ Denise Scoble ]

Looking for info on Reuben Masters married to Elizabeth ? daughter Harriet Elizabeth b 1840 Wareham any help appreciated [ Joan Knight ]

Any information on Cornelius Masterman born in Shapwick, Dorset, about 1832/33. He was married to Harriet ? from Bere Regis and they moved to Lancashire in the late 1870's with their children. [ Jill Trow ]

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Matthews, James
James Matthews born 1783 Marshwood, married Elizabeth Whitty born 1788, at Whitchurch Canonicorum in 1821, looking for their parents . [ Brian Matthews ]

Any info on Pound Street, in Poole 1930's? no longer there. I have Matthews family tree back to 1585 if anyone is interested [ Jan Sherry ]

My family used to own a boat yard near the quay. In search of infomation. [ Stephen John Matthews ]

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Mayers, Albert Thomas
Will you please help me to find out about my grandfathers history and life in the UK before he went to South Africa, and the nerest person related to him in the UK but he must be alive. He was 55 when he arrived in South Africa. He was born in January1873 in Reading England.His name were Albert Thomas Mayers. [ Jan Marsh ]

Looking for information of the Meaden family from the Parish of Corfe Mullen. [ Richard Chaffey ]

Meaden, Henry Edward
Henry went from Brighton to Poole on the 15/05/1875, to marry Alice Jane Burton. I think he may have had relatives there, but who ? [ Bob Meaden ]

Meaden, John and William
John and William were both sea captains and they married sisters of the Dugdale family in Wareham. John married Ann Dugdale 18/07/1780. William married Betty Dean Dugdale date unknown [ Bob Meaden ]

Meaden, Charles
Has anyone any info on Charles Meaden who married Jane Slade in 1717 at Winfrith Newburgh. I particularly would like his birth date so I can research further back. Many thanks ! [ Rowena Phillips ]

Any information on Meadus the boat builders of Hamworthy 18th 19th Centuries . [ Meadus ]

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William Meadus left Canford Magna, Poole, Dorset, in early 1800's to settle in Grates Cove, Newfoundland (CANADA). I would like to know if any Meadus family members connected to this family are still living in Poole. [ Douglas Benson ]

Meadus, Henry Thomas
My grandfather Henry Thomas Meadus( b 1880 approx, d 1963) was born in Grate's Cove Newfoundland. I suspect he is the direct descendant of George Meadus of Poole ( Great Canford I do believe). George  left The UK for Newfoundland in the early 1800's. I believe George and his family were well known wooden boat builders in Poole in the 19th century.
I would be greatly appreciative of receiving any information which you may have on George or his family. I can provide updates on his Newfoundland descendents if this is of any value or interest to you.. [ Robert Bonnell ]


Medley, Polly
I would like to learn about my Grandmothers family. The only info I have is her name was Polly Medley she was born in 1919 and died in 1957 She lived in Poole all her life and married Thomas McGeagh. Had two childen Brian, my dad born in 1948 and his sister, Freda born in 1951 If anyone has any thing that could help me find out more about her or her family please email me, thank you for taking time to read this [ Anna Mcgeagh ]

Middleton, Arthur
Any information on Arthur Middleton (first head gardener of Compton Acres) would be greatly appreciated. [ Paul William Miley ]

I am trying to research my family tree but i am not having much of a sucess. Please could you help me if you have any information of the Miles family. [ Denise Scoble ]

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Any information on the Miles family of High Street, Poole. [ Hugh Miles]

I am trying to research my family tree but i am not having much of a sucess. Please could you help me if you have any information of the Miles family. [ Denise Scoble ]

Joseph Milford born 1789 Devon moved to Blandford Dorset. Two marriages 2nd Jane (Bush ?) on 1871 census my grandmother Sarah Bennett is noted as step daughter. I do not know her connection. Can anyone help... thanks. [ Barbara Bennett ]

Any information regarding Miller family born Edmondsham, Dorset during period 1750 to 1920 . [ Steve Milburn ]

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I am reseaching Miller born, married and died in the Poole district. [ C Meerten ]

Miller, David
David Miller b, 1826 Edmondsham Dorset married Dianna Miller B 1834 Cranborne Dorset children Sarah Miller 1857 Isabella 1859, Annie Miller 1872, Selina Miller 1875, John 1877, Ellen 1869, George 1871, Prudence 1874. [ Tracey Warwick ]

I am avidly searching for descendants and any information regarding Edwin and Arthur Mitchell....brothers in Sherborne,Dorset who were last seen in their early twenties in the 1891 census. One a tailor and the other a shoemaker. Sons of George Mitchell and Jemima Everett (of Holnest,Dorset). [ Jane Osborne-Fellows ]

I am looking for information about the family of my Grandfather Frederick, son of Anthony, Grandson of Jeremia in Pulham Dorset. [ Margaret McGuinness ]

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Moloney. J
Janet or Jeanette Moloney nee Foster married my great uncle John Lawrence Moloney 1905 in Wimborne. They lived there. After he died at Ypres 1914 where did she go ? Were there any children ? They honeymooned in Poole so it's just a hunch she moved there .. Any Moloneys in Poole ? Wimborne Minster were looking for The Men on the Monument 1914-18 when I contacted them - they are making a Book to go in the Minster. Coincidence ! [ Rose Moloney ]

I have just located you site and thought that I would post a notice and get on your mailing list if possible, as I have been all around the world without any luck. This is my side and love to find a connection, as I am starting to believe that my family did arrive via the stork???

This is the information of my Moloney's, love to hear back.

My g grandfather Michael John Moloney from the information I have, would have been born around 1839. It appears that he could not read or write, as most documents are marked with an "X". It appears from most records certificates and paper clippings that he arrived in Australia around 1860. The first record (official) is he gets married in 1874 at Cressy which is near Geelong to a Jane Ann Nelson,here he states that was from Limerick, a farmer, aged 29 years and the Moloney is spelt MAloney In 1875 a daughter Isabella is born and shortly after the family moved to Donald, where most of my family still live. At Donald the name changes to MOloney. Two further children are born Mary Catherine 1879 and Michael John 1881.

In 1883 Jane passed away and she was returned to Cressy and is buried in the nearby cemetery of Rokewood In 1884 Michael married Mary Grogan at Donald, here the marriage certificate stated that he was born in Tipperary and the name is spelt Moloney. No children from marriage. Michael worked all his life as a farmer and passed away in 1922 where his age was given as 83 years. Michael's parent's my g g grand parents were Michael and Catherine Moloney nee Ryan on Michael's first marriage certificate (Nelson) his mothers maiden name was Egan, but it also could be the writing I have sent several request to the County Tipperary Historical Society, with no replies, so I am looking for other doors to open.

My limited research into what ship he arrived on has a few possibilities around the 1860 2 Michael Moloneys are recorded as farmers one on the "Royal Character" arriving in 1859 with his age 21 years the other "Empress of the Sea" 1861 aged 25 years. More work needs to be completed in this area. I have a documents that I can forward to you setting the information and the update to you Love to hear from you [ John Moloney ]

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Moore, David
David Moore of Lytchett Matravers born ca 1745 died 1828; emigrated to Newfoundland then Prince Edward Island about 1805; he is mentioned in a 1788 bastardy case in Wimborne. [ Gary Carroll ]

Trace roots of my family . [ Nancy ]

Looking for any information on the name in Poole. [ Kim Cannings ]

Known to have NEWFOUNDLAND links .[ JOHN RIGLER ]

My great-great-great grandmother, Ellen Munday (nee Senneck) and her daughter, my gg grandmother, Mary Munday, are listed as being resident at Poole Union Workhouse in 1871. In 1880 my great-grandmother, Lilly Munday, was born there, although she and Mary were living elsewhere in Poole by the time of the 1881 census. It seems that Ellen had died in Poole during the 1870's and Lilly went on to live in London. I am not (yet) sure what happened to Mary. Any information about this family would be very welcome. [ Alan Harrington ]

Any information on Musselwhite please. [ Linda Adams ]

Birth place of Solomon Musselwhite, living Bell Lane, Poole 1861. [ Arthur G Budden ]

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Richard Musselwhite ships carpenter 1790 1860. [ Arthur G Budden ]

Any Musselwhite info on family from Morgans Vale, Downton from early 1800's . [ Cheryle Flower ]

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