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This is the area where we display any information given to us by people researching their family history. Please feel free to add to this collection by registering your details with us. Also please contact any of our contributors if you feel you may be able to help them.

all or most of the BROWNSEA/BROWNSEY'S in Dorset are related BROWNSEY Methuselah and wife, ??????????? Sarah, 1.1. BROWNSEY John c. 22 Oct 1704 Hermitage Dorset, ENG m. date and place unknown, ??????????? Betty 1.1.1 BROUNSEY Ann c. 20 Jan 1733, Stoke Wake, Dorset. ENG 1.1.2 BROWNSEY Betty c. 10 /18 Oct 1736, Stoke Wake, Dorset. ENG 1.1.3 BROWNSEY John c. 13 Aug 1739 Stoke Wake Dorset. ENG ??????????? Jane b. BROWNSEA William, c. 6 Nov 1768, Horton, Dorset, ENG bur 3 Mar 1839 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset, ENG o. maltster, 1st m. 28 Feb 1791 Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENG BROWN Elizabeth bur 13 Apr 1802 Iwerne CourtnayDorset. ENG BROWNSEA William c. 2 Feb1794 Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Mary c. 2 Feb1794 Iwerne Courtnay,Dorset. ENG m. 2 Jul 1837 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG MULLENS David BROWNSEA John c. 4 May 1795 Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENG William m. 3 Sep1810 Affpuddle Dorset. ENG HUTCHINS Hannah, b. c. 1791, Coome, Wiltshire, bur 29 Oct 1864, Iwerne Courtnay,Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Jane c. 25 Aug 1811 Milton Abbas.Dorset. ENG 1st m. 21 Sep 1828Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENG ROSE Jesse Lambert 2nd m.Feb 1832 NEWELL George 3rd m.23 Sep 1849 Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENG BELLENGER John b. 1808 Winterbourne, Whitechurch Dorset. ENGo. Ag labourer. see NEWELL BROWNSEA Maria c. 21 Feb1813 Milton Abbas Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA James c. 14 Apr1816, Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENG d. 1859 Poole, Dorset. ENG o. Coal porter at time of 1851 census. m. 1841, in the Bath area, ???????? Ann b. c.. 1818, Corfe Mullen, Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA James c. 1841, Bath, d. 24 Aug1890 Hackney, London. ENGo. Wholesale grocer’s clerk. m. 1879 Islington, London, ENG ??????????? Ellen Mary b. 1858, Islington London. ENG BROWNSEA Amy Ann c. 1879 Hackney. London. ENG m. 1907 Hackney.London. ENG BROWNSEA Mary Adeline c. 1887, Hackney London. ENG BROWNSEA Mary Jane c. 1843, Corfe Mullen.Dorset. ENG m. 1860 Poole area Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Emily c.3 May 1845 Iwerne Courtnay. Dorset. ENG m. 11 Jul 1867, Hamworthy, Poole. Dorset. ENG Film 2034728 IGI PEARCE James Robbins BROWNSEA Hannah c. 8 Oct 1848, Longfleet, Poole. Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Sarah c. 1853 Poole. Dorset. ENG m. 1872, Poole area. Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA William c. 28 Feb1819, Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset d. 1902/3. Dorchester, Dorset. ENG o. maltster. 1st m.13 Jun1843, Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG HAYWARD Mary Ann b. ? bur 1 Aug 1848 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset.ENG 2nd m.30 Mar 1851 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG BUTT Augusta b. c.1832 Stourpaine, Dorset. ENG BUTT Maria Emily b. 11 Aug 1850 Iwerne Courtnay,Dorset. ENG d. 9 Jun 1938 Weymouth Dorset. ENG m. 12 Sep1875 Dorford Chapel, Dorchester. ENG HODDINOTT John b. 24 Feb1853 Fordington, Dorchester. ENG BROWNSEA Alfred c. 11 Jul 1852 Iwerne Courtnay,Dorset. ENG d. 1915 Camberwell London. ENGo. Brewer’s labourer. m. 18 Nov1873 Fordington, Dorchester. ENG MILLER Sarah b. c.. 1855 Bradford, Yorks. ENG BROWNSEA Alfred b. 1875 Shipston-on-Stour. Dorset. ENGd. 1892 Camberwell London. ENG BROWNSEA Frederick b. 1876, Shipston-on-Stour, Dorset. ENGd. 1949 Lambeth, London. ENG m. 2 Apr 1899 Vauxhall, London. ENG TATE Emma b. c.. 1879 place unknown. BROWNSEA Albert b. 1878 Shipston-on-Stour. Dorset. ENGd. 1950/1 Lambeth. London. ENG 1st m. 25.12.1899 Vauxhall, London. ENG TURNER Annie Eliza b. 1878/9 place unknown, d. 1914 Lambeth.London. ENG 2nd m. 1915 LambethLondon. ENG ROWLAND Mary J. BROWNSEA Alfred Albert James b. 1900 Vauxhall, d. 1938 Preston London. ENG BROWNSEA Arthur b. 1880 New Cross, London. ENGd. 1948 Lambeth. London. ENG m. 5.8.1901 Kennington London. ENG WISE Jane Julia b. 2 May1884 place unknown. d. 1972 Lambeth.London. ENG BROWNSEA Charlotte Agnes c. 3 Sep1854 Iwerne Courtnay. Dorset. ENG m. 17 Oct 1880 Melcombe Regis, Dorset. ENG RUSSELL Thomas b. 1859; o. bricklayer BROWNSEA Sarah Ann c. 18 Jan 1857, bur 19 Jan 1864 Iwerne Courtnay,Dorset. ENG (one of 12 dying of typhus there from January to May 1864) BROWNSEA William James c. 25 Sep1859 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG d. 1940 New Forest m. 1889 Lymington, Hants. ENG ??????????? Kate b.? d. 1949 Battersea, London. ENG BROWNSEA Eveline Beatrice b. 1890 Brockenhurst, Hants. ENG m. 1908 Hackney London. ENG BROWNSEA Ann Jane c. 29 Jun1862 Iwerne Courtnay,Dorset. ENG Blind from birth. BROWNSEA Eliza c. 29 Nov 1863 Iwerne Courtnay,Dorset. ENG (in 1881 census, Melcombe Regis as servant to Rachael R. Hassell. m. 3 Sep1883 Fordington. Dorchester. ENG SWYER Charles BROWNSEA Harry b. 22 May 1869 Fordington, Dorcherster. ENGd. 23 Dec1923 Camberwell, London. ENG m. 27 Mar1892 Emmanuel Camberwell, London. ENG ITZINGER Emily c. 29 Jul1871 George’s, Camberwell, London. ENGd. 23 Dec1934 in the Chelsea, London. ENG BROWNSEA Stephen b. 1872 Fordington Dorchester. ENG m. 30 May 1898 FordingtonDorchester. ENG HANSFORD Mary b. ? d. 1950 Lambeth, London. ENG BROWNSEA Joseph c. 14 Jan 1821, d. 17 Jul 1829 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Elisha c. 27 Feb 1823 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Ann c. 11 Dec 1825 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Stephen c. 11 May 1828 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG d. 1882 Edmonton, London. ENG Servant in 1851 to Arthur H.D. ACKLAND, JP of Dawlish Street, Newton Abbot, Devon. ENGformerly of Dorchester a shopkeeper at the timeof his marriage, and a coal dealer in Chestnut, Hert. in 1881. m. 3 Aug1857, St James, Westminster, London. ENG FIDLER Eliza b. c.. 1837 Devizes, Wiltshire. ENG d, 1903/4, Battle, East Sussex. ENG BROWNSEA Sarah c.29 May1831 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG m. 29 Apr 1855 Old Church, St Pancras, London. ENGIGI records M047933 LAKING William BROWNSEA James c. 4 Jul 1773, bur 11 May1781, Hale, Hampshire. ENG BROWNSEA Joseph c. 1774, Hale bur 12 Oct 1853, Iwerne Courtnay.Dorset. ENG Dairyman m. date and place unknown, ??????????? Mary b.c.1776 place unknown, bur 14 Jul 1839 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Steven b. 1803/4, Winterbourne Whitechurch, Dorset. ENGd. 1869 Southampton Hants. ENG Variously described as miller, dairyman and yeoman. In 1861 on his own at Turnworth, Dorset, as servant to Edward Head, farmer of Thorncombe farm. m. 17 Jan 1833 Iwerne Courtnay, Dorset. ENG SCARD Eliza BROWNSEA Julia Drusilla c.11 Jun 1834 Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA Joseph c.29 Jan 1837, Iwerne Courtnay Dorset. ENGd. 1903 Alexandria, Vic Australia.aged 65 m. WITHY Mary Anne Georgina b. 1848 d. 1926 aged 78 father Jon WITHY BROWNSEA Juliana b. 22 Jul 1866 Nth Adelaide,Sth Australiabook33. p.598 d. 1926St Kilda, Vic Australia aged 59 ref 7691 m. 1886 Lismore NSW Australia JOHNSONLouisb. 1872 d. 1943 Brunswick age 71 ref 1170 JOHNSON Rudolf Joseph b. 1889 Richmond, NSW Australia d. 1968 Elsternwick aged 79 ref 29618 m. 1914 ref 6531 TAYLOR Florence Evelyn b. 1882 d. 1955 Caulfield aged 73 ref 4050 BROWNSEA James Thomas Elias b. 13 Aug 1839 Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset. ENG Butcher master, living at Victoria Road, Southhampton St Mary Extra, Hants. ENGFHL Film 1341298 PRO Ref RG11 piece 1217 Folio 4 p.2 d. 15 Oct 1907SAaged 63book328. p.339. m. date and place unknown, PIKE Annie Goff b. 1857, c. 3 Jan 1858 Gillingham Dorset, d. 1931 Ormond Vic. ref. m947 parents Aaron and Ann Goff PIKE. BROWNSEA Cuthbert James b. 1881 Southampton Hampshire, ENGd. 1914 St Kilda, Vic Australia BROWNSEA Frances Mary c. 17 Jul 1842 Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset. ENGLadies maid at Northwood Hants 1881, m. 1881 Isle of Wight, ENG ??????? BROWNSEA Eliza Matilda c. 31 May 1846 Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset. ENG BROWNSEA John c. 11 Jun 1775 Hale, Hampshire. ENG

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