How To Enjoy Your Stay at Poole

Few resorts in the whole of Britain can offer such splendid and varied facilities for the full enjoyment of a holiday as Poole, and almost every conceivable form of sport on land and water is at the dipsosal of visitors. Five extemsive golf courses are available, two of them being in the Borough, and the town possesses a similar number of excellent bowling greens and innumerable public and private tennis and croquet courts ; there are cricket, football and hockey pitches in plenty at the public recreation grounds, and the new Stadium, capable of accommodating 20,000 spectators, with a large arena and banked cycle track, is a popular centre of athletic activity.

Sandbanks Pavilion 1999

The great feature of the locality is its magnificent bathing beaches. There is ample accommodation for an unlimited number of bathers at the Chines and other seaside centres, a special storage system for clothing ensuring that bathing cubicles are always available, no matter how great the demand.

Sandbanks Pavilion 1936

At Kingland Road, pleasantly situated near the park lake, is an open-air swimming pool into which sea water is continuously filtered. Boating may be enjoyed on the park lake and in the harbour, thrilling speed boat trips can be made from the sea front, passenger motor boats ply regularly between neighbouring resorts and within the extensive harbour, and fishing smacks may be hired for the private exploration of the upper reaches, or for angling. There are plenty of opportunities for sea angling, both from boat and shore, and river fishing may be found within a short distance of the borough of Poole.

Possessing four sailing clubs, Poole Harbour is a very popular yachting centre. It also has the privilige of being one of the headquarters of the Royal Motor Yacht Club, whose frequent summer regattas and high-speed races attract famous competitors and thousands of spectators to the quay and harbour shores. Poole also forms a convenient centre for rambling or hiking over rolling heathland, the Dorset Downs or the hilly Purbeck country, and the artist visitor will find no lack of inspiration in and around the borough. Several hunts meet in towns and villages a few miles to the North, and there are facilities for shooting.


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