The Climate

Owing to the hills which surround Poole the town is well sheltered and open to the South. The climate is very equable, being extremely mild and sunny in winter, but cool and bracing in summer. The soil is composed entirely of sands and gravels with huge chalk deposits on the high ground of the vicinity; the water supply is plentiful and very pure, while owing to the porous soil there is free drainage of surface water after the heaviest deluge. It is one of the healthiest spots in the country.


  • Sunshine : Average1,715 hours : In 1933 1.950 hours.
  • Temperature : Mean Maximum 58.9 degreees : Mean Minimum 43.2 degrees.
  • Rainfall : Average 1927 - 1932 21 inches : In 1933 22.49 inches.
  • Ultra-Violet Radiation : In 1933 2.36 units.
  • Prevailing Wind : South-West.
Poole Bay

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